ross (kerosenehat) wrote in ask_lotr,

My LOTR rap/poem/song to the ages

Angmar is not that bad of a place to be born,
Just ask my good friend the Witch King,
His breath really is quite offensive
His hat is black, just like his soul.
He used to be a man; but now he's a shell
Of his former self, that ring, damn.

We used to be homies but all that has changed
He got his bling then became whack
No drugs could quench the calling
The calling of the One, the mighty
He lost his castle, all his servants
Now he serves the Dark Lord.

Sauron, nigga, why are you tripping?
We used to be tight, then you let go,
What the hell happened to make you so dark?
You got my nigga out of Angmar, and turned him bad
Gandalf would be mad
Now you hangin' out with orcs and shit.

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    Great website

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